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Power Usage Alerts

Nueces Electric Cooperative now has Power Usage Alerts that you can set to notify you when your energy usage exceeds maximum or does not meet minimum thresholds you set for your meter.  These alerts will be sent by email to the account you specify when you set them up.

At the present time, these alerts will be sent about 12:00 noon the day after the usage threshold was exceeded.  This message will contain the period(s) in which the threshold was exceeded or not met and the usage for the period.

You can set up thresholds for hourly usage as well as total usage for the entire day.

Step by Step Instructions

(1) To set up power usage alerts, you will need to log in to your SmartHub account through a web browser.  The mobile app cannot be used to set these up, but you can remove them through the mobile app.  (The mobile app is a quick easy way to pay your bill and check your usage.)

(2) Go to the Nueces Electric Web page: and click on the “Pay Your Bill” button at the top of the page.  This will take you to the SmartHub login page.  If you have not set this up before, click on the link for new users.  If you don’t remember your login information, there is a link to find that as well.

Once logged in, you should analyze your usage to determine what thresholds will work best for you. 

(3) Click on “My Usage”  then on “Usage Explorer” and it should open to a graph that looks similar to the one below:

(4) Click on the month with the highest usage and it will open to a graph showing usage for each day similar to this one:

Below the graph, there will be some usage details like the one below: