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Power Substations

In the event of a major storm, Nueces Electric will often refer to our communities in terms of Substations. The transfer of generated electricity to your home is simply a series of "stepped-down" voltages. Substations are used to "step-down" electricity voltage from the larger transmission lines. Transmission lines are the high voltage, taller power lines which acts as an electricity super-highway and bring electricity to our area from the power plants. Substaions then step-down the voltage which is then run through our distribution lines to your transformers. Transformers then step-down the power again so it is suitable to be delivered into your home.

Sometimes a power surge can occure during this process which is why NEC advocate for all members to utilize surge protectors on your electronics. During a storm it is advisable to turn off and unplug all major appliances and electronics. In the event your home experiences a power-surge, your appliances and electronics could become overoaded with electricity which would result in the loss of the appliances, computers, TV's etc...

As you may have noticed, in the Steps to Power Restoration graphic, NEC will check all tramission lines first, Second, they will check all substations, Next they will check all feeder lines then tap lines. Last but not least they will check individual services. The goal of any restoration is to get as many members back on line as possible as quickly as possible. Therefore, larger outages will take priority and those outages usually begin with the substations. 

With worker safety and public safety in mind, NEC will evaluate the damage, and develope a restoration plan. We evaluate damage several ways. First we can see if substations are down electronically, so we use our internal technology as an inital system dioagnosis. Then by vehicle or helicpoter, NEC evaluates area damage and hazards. For example: are trees blocking the way, how flooded is the area, are power lines on the roads, etc... 

As a member-owned electric cooperative we strive to always be transparent, educational, and efficient for the member-owners of the Co-op. During a storm it is important that you call us to report your outage at 1-800-632-9288 and then contineu to monitor your areas outage using the Outage Viewer which is located on the home-page of this website. The outage viewer is real-time infromation and can be accessed using any smart device or computer. 


Substation Number of Meters
Agua Dulce


Ben Bolt

Calallen 2699
Central 545
Clay West 600
Corpus CHristi 386
Driscoll 487
Freer 63
Loyola 962
Midstream 1
Orange Grove 3382
Ricardo 1348
Riviera 1020
Riviera 1965
Robstown 1291
San Diego 2537
Sandia 417


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