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A Special Offer for the Valued Members of Nueces Electric Cooperative!

An average emergency helicopter transport exceeds $20,000. HALO-Flight, a nonprofit air ambulance service, has partnered with NEC to bring debt reduction benefits to NEC members, who join the HALO-Flight Guardian Membership. As an NEC member you can enjoy the cost of the Membership at a significantly reduced price of $1 per month, which will appear on your NEC electric bill.  

  • Benefit of being a Guardian Member:

  • The Membership advantage is debt forgiveness or reduction once all insurance options have been exhausted. (Membership is NOT insurance)
  • Guardian Members…

    …WITH insurance  = NO out of pocket expense for transport

    …WITHOUT insurance = 50% discount on HALO-Flight transport bill

  • To ensure appropriate utilization of the membership, HALO-Flight’s Membership Department must be notified of a member transport. Once HALO-Flight is notified that the patient is a Guardian Plan Member, HALO-Flight will notify the billing company that a patient has membership benefits.
  • Coverage for flights provided by HALO-Flight, Inc. or by our reciprocal partner, Dallas CareFlite
  • Coverage for all family members who live in the same household, and are listed on the application. (Includes dependent, custodial and non-custodial children).

 Nueces Electric Cooperative offers you the opportunity to enroll in this valuable service at the reduced rate of $1.00 per month. The membership is for each month your $1.00 is received. If you choose to discontinue your membership with HALO-Flight, please notify them immediately. If you are currently a Guardian member, please do not join until your current membership expires. Your Guardian membership will be terminated 30 days after you disconnect service with the Cooperative.

* Eligibility: (1) Medicaid recipients are not eligible to join due to government regulations; however, HALO-Flight does respond to Medicaid patients regardless of their ability to pay. (2) Before joining this Guardian Subscription Plan, NEC Members should review the coverage maps for HALO-Flight and its partners to determine if plan services are available in their area.

**Medically Necessary: HALO-Flight Guardian Subscription Plan benefits are restricted to medically necessary services defined as a specific need for emergent helicopter air ambulance transport within our service area. The specific need must meet the Regional Advisory Council Bypass Protocol or diagnosis from a physician that determines an alternative form of transportation would be medically inappropriate regarding the patient condition. It is NOT for the convenience of a Provider, Physician, or Patient. HALO-Flight has the right to deny any request that is inappropriate based upon medical necessity or suspected membership abuse. If abuse is found to exist, HALO-Flight reserves the right to terminate membership.

***In the event that any members of the Guardian Subscription Plan are flown by our reciprocal partner, that member will be subject to CareFlite’s terms of membership.

Complete the form below. Once you submit, NEC and HALO-Flight will process your request. You should receive notification directly from HALO-Flight for your membership. 


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