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Overview of the differences between the Electric Co-op/MOU retail electric choice model and the IOU retail electric choice model in Texas

WE ARE DIFFERENT. Below are documents that provide brief overviews and highlights of the differences between the EC/MOU choice model and the IOU model. For more detail see Senate Bill 7, Chapter 25 of the PUCT Substantive Rules, PURPA, and the NEC Access Tariff.


Below are a few significant differences that affect your business operations and processes in the NEC delivery area.

1.     Customer Protections & Customer Education: As a cooperative, NEC is accountable for all customer protections and customer education, unlike in the IOU areas of Texas where the PUCT is responsible for these. As a result, we must review your NEC area residential EFLs and terms of service, and obtain/review the URL where this information will be provided and updated. We also must provide your contact information on our website and on a “NEC area provider list” we give to all of our delivery area members, each month in our monthly magazine.

2.     Billing Difference: You are also asked to confirm that you understand it is your responsibility to inform consumers who enroll with you and who are delivery service members of NEC, that “in the NEC area, you (the consumer) have the choice of receiving one bill (sent by NEC for Source and NEC services) or two bills (Source send its bill and NEC send ours). For business reasons, (you) only offer the two bill option. As a result, (consumer) should expect to receive TWO bills each month for services and both bills will need to be paid.” Retail provider is required to include this messaging in your call center/enrollment scripts for the NEC area to ensure consumers know about the billing changes for their service.

3.     The “member id” is required on all NEC move-in transactions. This is unique to the NEC area EDI transactions. This number is provided to each new consumer and they are told that the number is required when they choose their provider. For existing member switches, the number is their NEC account number less the last two digits.

Please always forward updates of the EFLs, Terms of Service, URLs for EFL/TOS access, the trading partner form, and changes in your understanding to provide the enrollment information for billing (above).

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