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Customer Education

Customer Education about Retail Choice in the NEC Service Area

It is NEC's goal to be able to offer its members a wide array of electric provider choices. It is NEC's responsibility to educate customers about electric choice in the NEC area.

Electric choice education for NEC customers is not provided by the Power-to-Choose website or call center. NEC will maintain and update choice education information for its members. NEC will direct new members to a website, an in-office display, and provide a telephone number where customers may obtain more information about their right to choose a power provider and information about the power provider options available to them.

CRs who plan to provide power to residential members in the NEC area MUST submit their residential electricity facts label for the NEC area, a short description of their product/service offering(s), and terms of service/your rights as a customer information to NEC, for inclusion on its website. The information must be in the PUCT's required EFL format and include pricing reflective of both the CR charges and the NEC delivery charges as detailed in the NEC access tariff. The CR must also provide customer service contact information for small and large commercial customers, if the CR plans to provide such product/services. A CR may voluntarily provide more information about small and large commercial offerings, if it chooses. RESIDENTIAL MOVE-INS AND SWITCHES WILL BE REJECTED UNTIL THIS INFORMATION IS PROVIDED TO NEC.

Information will be posted/ updated on the website within thirty (30) days of NEC’s receipt of the information from a CR.

NEC will provide a customer choice member education display at the NEC office (at 14353 Cooperative Ave, Robstown, TX 78380 and at its service centers). The display will hold the current list of eligible providers in the NEC area. In addition, CRs may provide enrollment kits (including application form, electricity facts label, product description, and customer rights information) for customers to take and review. It is the CR’s responsibility to maintain its supply of information on display. NEC will not notify a CR if the information is depleted on the display.

NEC will fax applications to all eligible CRs for no charge as a service to its members. The members will be instructed to contact the chosen CR to confirm receipt and obtain any additional enrollment information/instructions upon their return home.

If NEC employees are asked to recommend a power provider, they will only refer customers to the website and display for more information and will never recommend a particular provider. Members will only be referred to a particular provider upon the member’s request for more information about NEC’s competitive offerings.

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