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About Consolidated Billing

NEC members have the option to choose to receive their bills in one of two ways:

  • Two bills- one from the CR for their charges and one from NEC with their charges, OR

  • A consolidated bill for both the CR’s charges and NEC charges that comes from NEC (NOT the CR as in the rest of the Texas choice market)

CRs should be sure to let the consumers know of this choice in their new enrollment process and obtain their preference for billing.


2019 Nueces Electric Cooperative Billing Cycles

2020 Nueces Electric Cooperative Billing Cycles 

Costs to CR for Consolidated Billing

  • $3.89 per ESID per month

  • $35 per ACH remittance (CR chooses frequency)

  • $10 per billing pdf file sent (CR chooses frequency)


2019 Holidays

  • Tuesday, January 1 (New Year)
  • Monday, February 18 (Presidents Day)
  • Friday, April 19 (Easter, Good Friday)
  • Monday, May 27 (Memorial Day)
  • Thursday, July 4 (Independence Day)
  • Monday, September 2 (Labor Day)
  • Monday, November 11 (Veterans Day)
  • Thursday & Friday, November 28 & 29 (Thanksgiving)
  • Tuesday & Wednesday, December 24 & 25 (Christmas)


2020 Holidays

  • Wednesday, January 1st (New Year)
  • Friday, April 10th (Easter, Good Friday)
  • Monday, May 25th (Memorial Day)
  • Friday, July 3rd (July 4th Independence Day)
  • Monday, September 7th (Labor Day)
  • Wednesday, November 11th (Veterans Day)
  • Thursday & Friday November 26th & 27th (Thanksgiving)
  • Thursday & Friday, December 24th & 25th (Christmas)


Frequently Asked Questions…

-          Does Nueces handle the average billing if we pick consolidated billing?

If the consumer chooses consolidated billing, we will handle the average billing.  If a member signs up for level billing with us, we will send you an email so can set it up on your side.

-          How is LIDA calculated if we pick consolidated billing?

If the bill is consolidated, the provider calculates LIDA and sends to us on the 810.03.

-          Is there a cost for EE choosing consolidated billing?

                        Yes. You will pay half of our cost to send the bills, DNP notices, and other costs associated with bill/payment processing (see amounts above).

-          How does application of payments work?  Are they applied partially? Or is NEC paid first and then the CR?

NEC is paid first, according to statute. You will receive ACH transactions with any payments we receive – as frequently as you’d like us to, but there will be a charge for each of these remittances (we’ll have a specific cost for each ACH transaction on Friday).

-          How many line items can a CR send?

Up to 10

-          Can we offer deposits for enrollments?

You can put deposits on the bill if the consumer chooses consolidated billing. You’ll still enroll your consumers and can charge deposits as needed.

-          Is it only Bill Ready invoicing or is Rate Ready offered?

Bill Ready invoicing.

-          If we choose consolidated billing - What is the bill window period? What happens if we miss the window (exception process)?

The window is 3 days following receipt of the 867.03. If you miss  the window, you’ll receive an 824 notification that you missed the bill window.  There is a slight chance that your charges could be included if you receive this notice, but usually the bills will go out with only NEC delivery charges. We will do a corrected bill and you will be charged for that manual process. We’ll provide the charge along with the other billing charges on Friday, as well.

-          Do we still send fulfillment documents (EFL, TOS, YRACC)?

                        Yes, the CR remains responsible for their own own enrollments, obtaining the consumers billing choice (dual or consolidated), and the distribution of required disclosures (EFL, TOS, YRAC).

-          Do we have to re-fulfill customers if we choose consolidated billing? How much time in advance do we need to notice customers?

                        The consumer needs to be able to choose the billing option. The billing option is indicated at the time of the initial move in with the 814.16 by entering the code REF*BLT*LDC

-          How do DNP notices get sent?

NEC will send DNP notices immediately following the due date and allow a 10 day window before disconnection. Collections of their outstanding debt are the responsibility of the REP. DNP notice costs are included in the above costs, if needed. After 5 days of disconnection, consumers are finaled and the account is closed.

-          Is the CR able to see the bill?

Yes. The CR will answer consumer questions about their side of the bill – the bill is unbundled. CRs may receive a pdf file, if they choose, of the actual bills.

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