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Outage Texting

What Is Outage Texting?

Members will be notified when their power goes out through an outage text messaging system (message and data rates may apply). It is important for our members to have an active, working phone number on file that NEC can reach in case of emergencies. The mobile phone number members have on file will receive an initial text message stating that they will begin receiving NEC outage notifications. This service is a great resource for NEC members in the event of evacuations and when keeping track of power in the home is impossible. Now members will have an exact time the power went out, as well as when the power is restored. This allows members to be aware of how long electronics such as the refrigerator and other devices were left without power.  Members will also receive an estimated time frame of when power is expected to be restored. 

Can I Opt Out?

Members will have the option to opt out of outage texting by replying “Stop”. Members can also reply “Help” and receive a text containing more information. 

Can I Report An Outage?

Unfortunately, at this time members cannot use this program to report an outage. But this feature is in the process of being developed for future use. To report an outage:

Call 1-800-NEC-WATT (1-800-632-9288) to Report your Power Outage to NEC

All Nueces Electric Cooperative telephone lines are manned 24 hours a day to receive emergency power outage reports. Calls are either answered in our office, or on weekends and after-hours, by our off-site call center. NEC has 19,000 consumers, and in a major outage, unfortunately, we cannot prevent the frustration you will undoubtedly feel as you repeatedly get a busy signal when you attempt to reach us by telephone. In a crisis situation, know that NEC begins its service restoration process as soon as the initial crisis or storm passes. We likely know about your outage, but we encourage you to report it anyway to ensure that your outage is not an isolated situation. Please be patient when reporting your outage.

How Often Will I Receive A Text Message?

The frequency of text alerts depends on the number of outages affecting our service areas. You will also receive an estimated time of restoration to inform you of how long it will take to restore power. 

What Happens If I Switch My Mobile Phone Carrier After I Have Been Enrolled In Outage Texting?

If you switch mobile carriers your phone number will still be registered for outage texting. Standard data rates may apply through your new carrier.





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