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NEC Board Launches Search for District 1 Director

2/14/2012 8:00:00 AM

Deadline for applications is March 16, 2012

Former NEC District 1 Director, Kenneth Gajdos, has accepted employment requiring him to relocate out of the NEC District 1 area. As a result, his resignation has been accepted by the NEC Board of Directors and the NEC Board now seeks an interim District 1 director to complete the rest of this term - until the 2014 NEC Annual Membership Meeting. A letter has been sent to all members of District 1 inviting them to apply to be considered for the position.

NEC seeks a cooperative residential member, whose primary residence is in District 1, who can dedicate time to serving as NEC director and who is willing and able to obtain the necessary training to ensure effectiveness as an NEC director. The ideal candidate will bring skills and experience which will aid the Cooperative as it serves its members’ growing needs and its operations as a Texas electric cooperative.

Electric Cooperatives are among the most important of business institutions and are accountable to their members in every decision. Every NEC member has a stake in the manner in which they are governed. Being a member of the NEC Board of Directors presents an opportunity to be a voice for all members of the Cooperative and to ensure the Cooperative continues to meet the needs of all of its member-consumers. NEC directors play an important role in decisions that affect people in South Texas and beyond. There are a total of 10 elected members on the NEC Board of Directors who are each elected for three-year terms. NEC directors must…

  • reflect a commitment to the “Cooperative Principles,"
  • be willing to uphold the NEC Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws,
  • have the capacity to enter into legally binding contracts,
  • be willing and able to attend local, state, and national meetings, training institutes and seminars, and be willing to seek certification as an NRECA Credentialed Cooperative Director,
  • be an NEC residential member of District 1 in good standing and willing to represent all NEC members on a completely impartial basis for the good of and in the best interests of the entire Cooperative,
  • not be related to an employee of NEC nor own stock in another electric utility, retail provider, or related business that would constitute a conflict of interest,
  • not use, or cause to be used, the position of director to further his/her own personal or political interests, and
  • agree to the NEC director code of conduct and confidentiality agreements.

 Additional Information:

NEC District Map

NEC Directorship Application
Please see application for submission instructions.

Seven Cooperative Principles

NEC Bylaws

NEC Articles of Incorporation

NEC Director Requirements

NEC Duties & Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

NEC Training & Development Programs for Directors

NEC Director Standards of Conduct

NRECA Director Credential Programs


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